You can now power up the hard drive instead of making a drive into the county treasurer’s office to renew the license plates on your cars and trucks. Polk County was one of the pilot counties to try out the on-line vehicle registrations, and Treasurer Mary Maloney says it’s now included in the renewal notices sent by all 99 county treasurers. She says when you get your renewal notice it will contain a pin number and the u-r-l of the website where you can go and renew your vehicle registration. Maloney says it’s another service the county treasurers are offering on-line to make it easier on the residents they serve. She says it’s more convenient as it’s available 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week. Maloney says you can pay for the registration on-line with an “e-check” or credit card. There is a two-dollar charge for using the “e-check” and a service charge for the credit card. She says the charge is around two percent per transaction,and she says they’ve found the average charge is about four dollars for a credit card. Maloney says about six percent of the people renewing vehicle registrations in her county have done so on-line — which she says is a good start. She says they’re finding more and more people are feeling comfortable using secure internet sites and they only expect it to grow. Maloney says statewide some 24-thousand people have already used the service. For more information you can surf to