President Bush’s twin daughters are campaigning for their dad today at the three state universities. The event was not open to the media, but Jodi Freed, the co-chair of “U-N-I Students for Bush/Cheney”, talks about their message, saying they urged students to vote by mail and encouraged everyone to be involved in Bush’s reelection campaign.Freed having the teen family members campaign had a big impact, showing college students that they can be conservative and vote republican.Lisa Hamer another co-chair of “U-N-I Students for Bush/Cheney” describes what it was like to introduce the President’s daughters, saying it was “really cool.” She says she told them how she was nervous and she says they told her they were nervous too and that helped her. Hamer said it was a really personal speech and helped her get to know their dad as a person and not just a candidate.Jacob Pauli, a U-N-I Alum, sets politics aside and says he just wanted get a peak at the twins. He said, “I’m just here to see the Bush ladies.” He says he felt a little disappointed he wasn’t invited to hear them speak. There were some demonstrators outside the event, including Jesse Wozniack, spokesperson for Students for Social Justice. He says “We’re just trying to balance the perspective. I mean, undoubtedly the Bush twins are here to push their father and push the war, and so we’re just trying to show the other side of the picture.” The Bush daughters also visited the campuses of the University of Iowa and Iowa State University.