Police in Lincoln Nebraska had a high-speed chase last night but lost a man they think is an escapee from a work-release center in Council Bluffs. Lincoln police captain Jon Sundermeier says 33-year-old Corey Brooks was spotted yesterday driving through Nebraska’s capital city. Police tried to stop the man but he fled, and officers broke off the chase after it reached speeds over 70 miles an hour and their suspect ran a red light. Captain Sundermeier says the suspect then abandoned the car. They found the car, a grey 1982 Chevy Camaro, in a residential neighborhood on Lincoln’s west side. Authorities say Brooks escaped October fifth from a work-release program in western Iowa. He’s described as five-foot-eleven, 250-pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes, armed and dangerous. Wanted for escape, he’s described as being tattoed with words including “thug,” “life,” and one that spells out “Omaha.”