Turkeys can’t fly, at least not very well, but plenty of Iowans will be flying away to get some turkey next week. Travel projections are up for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend, according to Dawn Duffy, spokeswoman for Triple-A-Iowa. She calls it a big kickoff to the winter travel season as 37-point-two million Americans will be traveling at least 50 miles from home next weekend, a three-point-one percent increase from last year. Duffy says most of us will be dashing off in four-wheelers. A vast majority of travelers will be on the roads — 82-percent of all holiday travelers will be taking motor vehicles, 12-percent are flying, while about five-percent will use a train, bus or other mode of transportation. With so many people driving, Duffy says lots of us will be eye-balling the signs outside gas stations, looking for the lowest prices. Iowa’s current average is a dollar-86 a gallon, compared to the national average of a dollar-96. Gas prices are dropping in Iowa. A month ago, the statewide average was a dollar-93 though a year ago, it was only a dollar-44.