A bizarre accident in Cedar Falls has left a business damaged and three people seriously injured, including two 91-year-old women. Police say a car exited a driveway at a high rate of speed, crossed a street, jumped a curb, went through a parking lot, a crashed into the rear of the metro area redemption center. The vehicle crashed through an open overhead door and block wall, striking a worker inside the business. Officials have identified the driver as 91-year-old Lenora Potts of Waterloo, who was trapped in the damaged car for more than 40 minutes. Potts and her passenger, 91-year-old Eleanor Rohrabaugh, also of Waterloo, both suffered serious head and internal injuries. The employee, 42-year-old Marvin Feckers of Parkersburg, is also hospitalized with serious head injuries. The accident, which occurred shortly after 3:30 Thursday afternoon, remains under investigation.