As city public-works agencies strain to keep up with the task of plowing snow, they could use some help from private citizens, too. Des Moines Fire Department spokesman Brian O’Keefe says when you’re running the shovel or snowblower, don’t forget to clear the fireplug out by the street. They ask for help from home and business owners to keep hydrants clear on the curb or parking, as O’Keefe says if you can’t spot the fire hydrant as you’re driving by in the street it should be cleared. He also has a reminder for the owners of commercial property like stores, diners and nightclubs.He says at secondary exits the snow can build up, and though people seldom use them, owners shouldn’t let snow build up because later it’ll melt, re-freeze, and can block the doors in an emergency. The large warehouses and big business buildings have front doors everyone uses, but there are other doors that they should remember not to get blocked during snowfall. O’Keefe says he personally loves the snowy weather and will forgo the snowblower in favor of hefting a shovel.O’Keefe says “I’d rather shovel snow than mow my yard.”