Not long ago, fears over a flu shot shortage sparked near-hysteria. Now, state health officials fear many doses of the vaccine may go to waste. Flu shots are still in somewhat limited supply statewide but Iowa Department of Public Health spokesman Kevin Teale says what vaccine is still out there needs to be used up, as it’s no good next year. Teale says the state’s asked county health department officials to reassess their local situations and if they feel their high-risk population is taken care of, to offer the shots to anyone. Teale says a number of Iowa counties have dropped all restrictions on who can get a flu shot. While flu season is now underway, Teale says this is -not- a case of trying to close the barn door when the horse has already escaped. He emphasizes it -is- still important to get a flu shot, even in mid-January. The state’s most populous county, Polk, opened a mall kiosk in Des Moines on Tuesday, offering shots to anyone over 18 for 15-dollars.