A show in Des Moines this weekend will feature a large assortment of political memorabilia. The Midwest chapter of the American Political Items Collectors is holding the show that’ll promoter John Olsen says will feature political items dating back to 1896. He says they’ll have over 30 dealer tables along with free appraisals for people who want to bring in their memorabilia. At noon there’s an auction that features a large selection of pins. Olsen says the pins are a big item, but not the only thing that draws attention. He says the buttons are the most popular, but he says there’s posters, bumper stickers, and 3-D items that’re very popular. Olsen says the collectors likely started out as strong democrats or republicans. He says he thinks most people get interested in politics first, and then get interested in the memorabilia. Olsen says most people start by collecting memorabilia from the first election they voted in, and then their desire to collect the political stuff grows. Olsen is a collector too. He says he collects nonpartisan “get out the vote” memorabilia, which he says not many people collect. The show is Saturday from 9 A.M. until 2 p.m. at the Quality Inn Suites Hotel near Vets Auditorium in Des Moines. There’s a three dollar admission charge.