Authorities have outlined the events leading up to a murder-suicide last night in Clarke County. An Osceola man apparently shot and killed his mother-in-law, who wouldn’t let him see his ex-wife at the home the two women shared. John Quinn is special agent in charge of the investigation, with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. He says authorities were called about the suspect, Kevin VanderLinden, earlier yesterday. Quinn says “a family member” had called authorities with concerns that VanderLinden was suicidal, so Osceola police went to his home there about 10 A.M. and he assured them the problem had passed and he was fine. But they’ve learned that several times during the day he tried to phone his ex-wife, who’d lived since their divorce with her mother in nearby Murray. He says after their divorce in December the ex-wife moved in with her mother, Patricia Baker, and since there were concerns about her welfare she got a court order preventing the man from contacting her. Later on Sunday, investigators say VanderLinden went to an Osceola bar and had an acquaintance give him a ride to Murray, a town of 700 people ten miles west of Osceola. About 7 P.M. his ex-wife and her mother called police to say the man had just broken into their home. The agent says the man announced “Someone’s going to die,” and the two women fled. Quinn says both women ran from the home to a house across the street. One of the women, 62-year-old Patricia Baker, was shot and killed on the front porch of the house they’d run to. Then the man went back into her house, turned the gun on himself, and shot himself there. Emergency responders kept a heartbeat, he says, but after the man was taken by helicopter to Des Moines, he was pronounced dead at the hospital there. Authorities are interviewing witnesses, relatives and anyone else who may have had contact with Vanderlinden on Sunday as they finish piecing together all the events leading up to the shootings.