Devoted Iowans who are considering flying to Rome for Pope John Paul the Second’s funeral on Friday had better pack two things — a lot of patience and a lot of money. Des Moines travel agent Terry Beech says just reaching Italy by Friday will be an extremely expensive endeavor. Beech says a single round-trip plane ticket would be around 25-hundred dollars and hotels will start between 150 and 250-dollars a night. She says she’s seen -no- package deals on weekend trips to the Vatican and has not had any inquiries from Iowans, at least not yet. Beech says if you want to go, you’d better make arrangements very quickly as the hotel rooms are going to be booked very soon. Some reports indicate as many as two-million pilgrims will make the journey to Rome for Friday’s funeral. Beech says the traveling devotees will have to be prepared for a true test of their faith. Not only will the airports be “unbelievable,” but Beech says the city itself will be a circus to navigate. If you can find a hotel, it’ll be key how far away you will be from the airport and from the funeral proceedings, adding, act now if you intend to go and expect that “it’s going to be some large bucks.”