There will be a little less spark in your travel plans starting this week. It’s been weeks since the Transportation Security Administration announced it’s decided to add lighters to the list of items banned from airline flights. The TSA rule finally takes effect Thursday. The rule was first proposed for just the torch-style butane lighters that shoot out a jet of flame, but regulators decided to make it a blanket ban of butane, Zippo, battery-operated or any other style of pocket lighter. There are 8 commercial-service airports in Iowa, not counting Omaha or the Quad Cities International Airport, which is on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River. Check before you leave for the airport, as the last-minute backup of finding a customer-service desk and mailing the item to yourself at home may not work either… hazardous-substance rules will ban your lighter from being shipped by some carriers including the U.S. Mail. For the latest on the traveling rules, including the list of banned items, see tsa-dot-gov.