It’s been a busy week for police in Ottumwa. Lieutenant Mike McDonough says early this morning two people called from a house to say they’d been stabbed.Two people who lived in a house on Ottumwa’s south side were stabbed and seriously wounded, and were airlifted to University Hospitals in Iowa City. They found a third person with stab wounds, who is considered the suspect. The officer says investigation continues and charges are pending. McDonough says the cops don’t think “there’s anyone else in any peril at this time,” and they’re just gathering final details and physical evidence on the case. The victims and suspect were all in their early 20s to late thirties, but though McDonough says the suspect “wasn’t a local person,” police haven’t yet released any of their names. The night before last, the cops were out retrieving a body from the Des Moines river where it flows through Ottumwa. Lieutenant McDonough says Tuesday night’s work closed a case that began on April 10. This began when a fisherman on the Des Moines saw someone on a bridge, and a moment later heard a noise and saw the person fall into the river. The angler called 911 on a cellphone and rescue crews arrived with a boat in time to see the man out in the river, but he went under before they could reach him. The missing man was identified as 47-year-old Chris Champ of Ottumwa, and this week his body was pulled from the river about a mile downstream from the bridge. Although he was a strong swimmer, he fell some distance from the bridge, so McDonough says it’s possible the man could have been injured in the fall and unable to swim to either shore. According to other reports, the body was hung up on some driftwood and the river level had fallen more than a foot, revealing the body early this week.