New developments have surfaced in the case of a Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy scheduled to go on trial in connection with a fatal shooting following a chase last December. The attorney representing deputy Chad Butler announced Thursday that a handgun was found in the pickup truck of Dwayne Jens the night Jens was fatally shot. The attorney says photos of items inside the truck revealed the presence of a handgun in a holster. A spokesman for the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation says a B-B gun had been placed behind the seat of the pickup, but that is not considered a firearm. Butler’s attorney has filed a motion to determine where the gun was in relation to Jens at the time of the shooting. Butler claims he saw Jens reaching for a threatening weapon after Jens was pulled over — and that’s why he fired. Butler has been charged with voluntary manslaughter in connection with the shooting and is scheduled to go on trial in Shelby County Court June 14th.