State, city and company officials braved the cold weather Thursday to break ground for a new ethanol plant near Jewell. Jewell Mayor Mick Walker says it’s worth it. He says, “This is a pretty historic day for Jewell, it’s not often we something like this on our doorstep.” Jeff Broin is the C-E-O of the Broin Company that’s building the plant. He says the plant will produce 60-million gallons of ethanol annually using 21-million bushels of corn. He says that is 200 sections of corn. He says the plant will also produce 178-thousand tons of a high protein supplement for livestock. Broin says the plant also brings a big economic impact to the area.He says the project costs 79-million dollars and will create 40 jobs with an annual payroll of one-and-a-half million dollars. Broin says the plant should be up and running by next summer.