An acquaintance of the Hamburg woman who claimed she was abducted last month and forced to drive to Ohio, was arrested last week on charges of credit card theft and fraud. Fremont County Sheriff Steven MacDonald says 33-year old David Nuell Lewis used the credit cards of a man being cared for by 34-year old Debra Sue Harrison, of Hamburg, while attempting to withdraw money from a bank. Harrison told authorities her saga began April 20th. He says that’s when she alleged that she’d been abducted. Harrison turned up in Ohio on the 22nd and told authorities she’d been abducted at the Hamburg exchange of Interstate 29, sexually assaulted and assaulted by her abductor in Polk County. But when sheriff’s officials in Fremont County spoke with her, they were able to determine there was no abduction. He says they found out that she was actually friends with Lewis and his sister. No charges were ever filed against Harrison, but Lewis faces additional, unrelated charges of burglary and theft for an incident that occurred April 23rd, at a truck stop near the intersection of I-29 and Highway Two. He says a surveillance camera showed that Lewis and an associate Bobby Sterling, entered the truck stop, went back by the office door and, unknown to the truck stop personnel, had a key to that door. They entered the office and stole in excess of three-thousand dollars. Lewis posted 22-thousand, 750-dollars bond, and was released from the Fremont County Jail. 32-year old Robert “Bobby” Sterling, of Lincoln, Nebraska, faces charges of second-degree theft and second degree burglary in connection with the theft. Warrants have been issued for the arrest of Sterling, and 34-year old Betty Jo Driscoll, who MacDonald says, will be charged with conspiracy. He says she was a former employee of the truck stop who allegedly gave the two men the key. MacDonald says it was all an elaborate story.