Renovations to Roberts Stadium in Sioux City are expected to be completed by the start of the football season. The Stadium hosts Morningside College football games as well as several high school games each season. Morningside athletic director Jerry Schmutte says this is the second phase of the project. He says they put in lights, a new sound system, worked on the structure of the stadium and repainted the bleachers. The major work left includes installation of a new all-weather track as well as a new playing surface. They’re putting in field turf and have the base done thus far and should be able to start putting down the turf soon. Schmutte says with so many high school football games being played there, the stadium needs a new surface. There are two weekends where they play high school games Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the college plays on Saturday. He says the field would get pretty torn up after all those games. Schmutte says the College is putting in more than two million dollars for the project.The project is scheduled to be completed by September first.