John Bolton’s nomination as United Nations ambassador was blocked with a filibuster last night (Monday) by Senate Democrats, what Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley calls a big disappointment. Grassley, a Republican, says Bolton could bring the U.S. the clout it badly needs in the U.N. Grassley says America spends “a lot of billions of dollars” on the U.N. where many reforms are needed and “John Bolton can bring that reform and get more for our tax dollars.” Grassley says 24-percent of the U.N. budget is paid for by the U.S. In last night’s vote, Republicans fell six votes short of the 60 they needed to end the filibuster and bring Bolton’s nomination up for a vote. Grassley says it was sad to see, especially after the recent mess over the blocking of judicial nominees by Senate Democrats. Grassley says he’s disappointed at the filibuster “particularly in light of the big decisions that there was to have this grand compromise on filibusters that was announced two or three weeks ago, and now we’re continuing to see filibusters on nominations.” It’s the second time Republicans tried to get Bolton’s nomination onto the floor for a vote — and failed. President Bush has the power to simply appoint Bolton as ambassador once the Senate goes into recess, which will happen next over the 4th of July holiday. Grassley says Bush may install Bolton then. Such a recess appointment would only enable Bolton to be ambassador through late 2006 or early 2007, but Grassley says “in a year and a half, I think he can work miracles.”