It’s only the third day of summer and much of Iowa’s already looking at a triple-digit heat index. Much of western Iowa is expecting high temperatures in the upper 90s, it’ll be mid-90s in the middle with lower-90s in the east. Combined with high humidity, Matthew Steinbugl at the National Weather Service says it’ll be steamy, with heat indices in the low-100s across the western two-thirds of the state. Steinbugl says no heat advisory has been issued. For a heat advisory to be issued, there has to be a multi-hour period of a heat index between 102 and 105-degrees during the afternoon with overnight lows in the 80s. We’re not there yet — but July is only a week away. Will the whole summer be like this? Steinbugl says he’d be in, uh, hot water at the Weather Service by making such a prediction. The current pattern will bring us hot, dry weather with highs in the 90s for the next several days but he wouldn’t budge on how nasty the upcoming few months may prove to be in Iowa.