Former Iowa Hawkeye standout Matt Bullard says he is happy the NBA has avoided a lockout. Earlier this week, the owners and the players agreed on a new seven-year agreement which includes an age limitation for entering the draft. Players must now turn 19 by the end of the calendar year in which they become eligible. Bullard said he didn’t want a lockout, especially with the way it’s going in the NHL. He says the age limit is okay as long as you have a good minor league system for the players, and there’s one under development. Bullard says the key is balancing the rights of young players to earn a living with the league’s goal of keeping high school players out of the draft. He says in tennis and golf you have a lot of 16 and 17-year-olds making millions, so he says you shouldn’t limit them from making money if they can do it. Bullard has spent 11-seasons in the NBA, nine with the Houston Rockets. He made the comments at a golf outing hosted by Drake basketball coach Tom Davis.