Michael Blouin, a Democrat who is laying the groundwork for a run for governor, is opposed to abortion and has a “pro-business” background, positions that are often unpopular within his party. But he’s hoping Democrats who hold opposing views don’t dismiss him as a candidate. “I tell people to look at the total picture. Look at the electability. Look at the issues that we all agree on. Look at my vision for the future and my ability to implement that vision, a vision that we hope to be laying out over the next several months,” Blouin says. Blouin says he will not deceive voters and try to convince them he shares their views on issues like abortion when he does not. And Blouin is unapologetic about his pro-business background, as he says Iowa’s economy is on the rebound, partly because of the huge state incentives handed out to new or expanding businesses. “Judgements will have to be made as to whether issues that actually help me in the general election context are ones that (Democrats) are willing to give some additional thought in terms of the primary contest,” Blouin says. Blouin talked about the issues during this week’s “Iowa Press” program on Iowa Public Television. Blouin’s resignation as state economic development director was effective at the close of business Friday and he says it’ll take three to four months before he’ll make his candidacy for governor “official.” Blouin, who is 59, was first elected to the Iowa Legislature in 1968 when he was 22. Back then, everything seemed black and white, Blouin says, but now, Blouin says his maturity makes him see the gray. “Life has a way of helping you see the nuances of people and the nuances of issues and it’s developed a sense in me of collaboration…an understanding of what makes people tick,” Blouin says. Blouin was elected to Congress in the 1970s before he left politics, working for chambers of commerce in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines.