One of the biggest headaches for Dan McCarney during his 10 years as Iowa State’s football coach has been the kicking game. (McCarney is shown above during media day) As he enters his 11th season at the school, McCarney says he doesn’t know who will be kicking this year.

“You look at our punting position, you look at our kicker’s position — I don’t know who the starter’s going to be September 3,” McCarney says. “No one has solidified themselves as the best, either as the starter or the back-up.” Some familiar names are on the roster, but McCarney says there’ll be walk-ons contesting for slots, too. “Tony Yelk has played. He’s going into his 16th season at Iowa State,” McCarney joked. “But right now he’s a back-up.”

Yelk is one of the three McCarney says are likely to end up with the kicking job. McCarney says Landon Schrage, a senior from Parkersburg, is one of the best snappers in the country and one of the reasons Iowa State didn’t have a punt blocked last year. “He’s going to get some looks in the NFL if he continues to get bigger and consistent because his times are outstanding,” McCarney says.