Anyone who’s read George Orwell’s classic novel “1984” might get a shudder upon hearing Davenport’s buying more crates of cameras to catch speeders, an addition to cameras already in place to nail motorists who run red lights. One Davenport resident, Gene Becker, is not happy about the development. “Where are we going to stop with cameras? Are we going to eventually go end up with cameras here, cameras there?” Becker says. “We gonna have a camera outside of our door watching our every move?” Davenport’s top cop supports the advancement in technology, which will automatically send speeders tickets in the mail. Police Chief Mike Bladel says the camera system can help in several ways. “(The new system of cameras will) free up officers for other duties,” he says. “It will allow us to expand our capabilities, not only on main roads but in neighborhoods and in school zones.” The first of the new crop of cameras should be up and running around the end of the year. Speeders snapped on film driving one- to seven-miles an hour over the speed limit face a $5 fine, but Chief Bladel says the city probably won’t even bother to send those tickets out. Speeders caught going eight- to 11-miles over the speed limit could receive a $45 ticket, while those going 12 or more miles over will be fined $65. Signs will be posted in zones where the cameras are in use.