The National Lumberjack Championships are being held in Iowa for the first time this weekend. Lacey-Keosauqua State Park is hosting the event in the heart of Van Buren County in far southeast Iowa. Stacey Glandon, executive director of the Villages of Van Buren, says the championships are drawing professional men and women lumberjacks from across the continent to compete in various logging sports. There are eight pro money events, including: obstacle pole racing, log rolling, spring board tree topping, hot saw racing, X-cut sawing and axe throwing. Glandon says lumberjacking is a serious sport, like rodeo, but it’s one many Iowans have never been exposed to before. She says there are a few events planned that will just have to be seen to be believed. Those intrepid canine lumberjacks, dogs will be competing in various log rolling contests and there’s a doggie boom racing event. Glandon says some Iowans may find they have lumberjacking in their blood. There are free lumberjack sport camps for kids and adults after each pro competition. Those competitions are planned for each day (Saturday and Sunday) at 11:30 AM, and at 1:30 and 3:30 PM. For more information, call 800 868-7822 or surf to “”.