Ames police have charged a man with allegedly inappropriately touching a young girl at the local library. Commander Randy Kessel says the incident was reported Sunday afternoon. He says a preteen female said an adult male had approached her and inappropriately touched her. She told her parents who told the library staff and they called police. Kessel says 20-year-old Yamen Obid Mahmoud was arrested in the case. He says Mahmoud was charged with one count of indecent contact with a child, and was released on 55-hundred dollars cash bond. Kessel says the girl did not know Mahmoud, but did a good job of helping them in the investigation. He says they started this morning by re-interviewing the girl and her family and with help from I-S-U Police were able to come up with a computerized composite sketch. He says they recognized that sketch as Mahmoud, who he says frequents the library. Kessel says Mahmoud is NOT listed as a student at Iowa State University.