A former north-central Iowa couple apparently killed themselves in California by jumping off a bridge — with their dog. California authorities say Bryon and Sallee Kincannon of Brownsville, California, formerly of Charles City, died in a double-suicide last week. The couple was found to be both wearing helmets when their bodies and the body of their pet were discovered in canyon rocks below a bridge. The Kincannons’ car was found on a bridge at about three o’clock in the morning by a California Highway Patrol officer, parked in the middle of the road with its emergency flashers on. Deputies later found a ladder leaning against the bridge railing and two strings dangling from the outside rail. Authorities believe the act was consensual after finding a letter in the couple’s car and further interviews with relatives. The Kincannons had lived in Charles City for many years before moving to Brownsville. The case is still under investigation.