It used to be relatively easy for Iowans to visit Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean as very little documentation was required. The attacks of September 11th, 2001, changed all that. By next year, Iowans — and all Americans — will need a passport to fly into any of those places. Travel agent Steve Glenn explains the motive. Glenn says “It’s all the issue of security. They want to know who’s going across our borders and the passport process gives the government documentation of who’s traveling within the country so they can deal with the threat of terrorism.” Getting a passport is not a speedy process, so Glenn says don’t wait if an international trip is on your calendar. He says it can sometimes take several months for a passport to be processed and the price has gone up — it’s now over 100-dollars. Glenn says a passport has uses beyond traveling as it’s about the most widely accepted form of identification you can have.