Temporary forests are appearing in empty lots as Christmas trees are offered for sale. A professional gardener says there are some things you can do to make that Christmas tree last longer. Ted Brockshus cautions buyers not to be in a hurry. He suggests waiting to put it up, since putting the tree up late will keep it fresh later in the season. Then, beat up the bottom — he says if you slice and hack the bottom a bit and macerate it with a hammer or screwdriver it’ll have a lot of open vessels to take up water.

There are also ways to keep the living tree at its best and the garden-center owner says they include the packet of chemicals that comes with a cut bouquet.
He suggests a floral preservative that can be added to the water, including a product brand-named “Pro-Long,” which will help the tree take up water.

Brockshus says that tree will drink up a gallon a day, and keeping its holder filled will prevent it from drying out and starting to drop needles.