The superintendent of the LuVerne School District in northern Iowa’s Kossuth County resigned at a special session meeting Thursday night. Iowa State Auditor David Vaught released a report last November about Al Carr’s apparent noncompliance with requirements with the Iowa Public Employees Retirement System when he tried to retire in 2002, then worked as a part-time Supervisor and put part of his salary in a tax sheltered annuity.

The LuVerne School Board accepted Carr’s resignation with reluctance, then named Willie Stone as superintendent of the LuVerne School District. Carr will receive several months worth of salary and heath care benefits. The School Board will act on amending Stone’s salary at their regular meeting next month. Stone will continue the duties as elementary principal of the LuVerne School.

The State Auditor has turned the cases of alleged IPERS requirements inconsistencies involving Carr and former teacher Dennis Holmes over to Kossuth County Attorney Todd Holmes for a ruling that has not been made yet. Carr says he was advised not to make any comments in public on the matter.