The board that governs the three state universities will consider a temporary energy and environment surcharge for students when it meets next month. The Board of Regents is looking for extra money after the governor and the 2006 legislature approved only 11-million dollars rather than the 40-million the universities asked for.

Officials in the board office and university administrators are proposing a temporary surcharge of 100-dollars per semester that each student would have to pay in both the fall and spring terms. Estimates indicate the surcharge would raise nearly 11-million dollars in the coming academic year.

University officials say that money would help cover energy cost increases so more of the new money set aside for the universities can be used for faculity and staff salaries. The Regents say students would be also be encouraged to help reduce energy consumption on the campuses.

In exchange for the surcharge and conservation efforts, the university administrators suggest they will not ask state officials to commit state taxdollars for any new buildings on the campuses for the next three years. The Board of Regents will discuss the surcharge and hear from students during their meeting in Ames on June 20th.