Some 29 private colleges and universities are rolling out the red carpet this week, trying to get students to enroll. Kathleen Gannon with the Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities says each of the schools is hosting special events during “Iowa Private College Week.” She says you get a tour, an introduction that often include the school’s president. Gannon say you also get to see the school’s facilities and talk about the majors the schools offer.

Gannon says the campus visit can cement a decision for a college-bound kid. Gannon says research shows the single most determining factor in choosing a school is the campus visit. Gannon says some people may shy away from private schools thinking they’re unaffordable.

But Gannon says that’s not true. Gannon says it does cost more to go to a private school because the schools get no state support. But Gannon says the schools offer lots of financial aid and scholarships based on need and based on merit. Gannon says the association is again offering its passport program that waives the application fee if you visit one of the schools.

Gannon says if you visit three or more campuses, you can apply to as many colleges as you want and the application fee will be waived. For more information, surf