Iowa quarterback Drew Tate says his career has gone too fast. Tate and the rest of the Hawkeye seniors play their final game in Kinnick Stadium this weekend against nationally ranked Wisconsin. Tate says it’s amazing this will be the last time he goes into the stadium and says it will be real emotional.

Tate says his favorite memory was the game at home against the Badgers two years ago when they wrapped up a share of the Big Ten title. Tate says he’d take that over the last-second L-S-U bowl game win any day. The Hawkeyes have performed well in home finales and Tate hopes that trend continues.

In his freshman year they beat Minnesota, then Wisconsin, and then Minnesota again. Tate says Wisconsin is going to make it tough, because they will come in to win. At 6-4 the Hawkeyes have been struggling in recent weeks and Tate feels a responsibility to get things turned around.

Tate says the coach takes responsibility, but he say as quarterback he has the ball in his hands and has to take some responsibility. Tate says if they win he is great, if they lose he’s not, but he’s used to that. A couple of different injuries have kept Tate out of two games and he has missed a lot of practice time. He feels that is a big reason the offense has not met expectations.

Tate says coming into the year they knew they were going to young at the skill positions. Tate says they can be explosive, but he says they’ve been to inconsistent.