The Internal Revenue Service may be looking for you — not to take your money — but to give it back. I-R-S spokesman Chris Miller says his agency has hundreds of unclaimed refund checks for Iowans.Miller says these are checks that were mailed, but came back as undeliverable. He says people moved and forgot to update the I-R-S. Miller says there are 473 checks from Iowa waiting to be claimed. Miller says those checks total more than 333-thousand dollars, averaging about 700 dollars. Miller says people get busy and forget what they have coming. Miller says it may seem surprising that some people don’t remember their refunds, but he says if you’re moving or getting married, you may’ve forgotten about the check once your life settles down. Miller says it’s easy to claim your check.Miller says you can go to the website and click on the “Where’s My Refund” link and type in your new address and they’ll reissue the check. Or Miller says you can call:800-829-1040 and update the address over the telephone. Miller says some Iowans may even have more than one check waiting.