Former Iowa Congressman Jim Leach has a new gig. Leach has been invited on C-SPAN as a guest interviewer on the network’s "After Words" program which features authors.

This past weekend, the channel broadcast a conversation Leach had with Bill Bradley, a fellow Princeton grad, about Bradley’s new book. Bradley, a former NBA star who went on to be a New Jersey Senator, ran for president in 2000. "Your book, ‘The New American Story,’ is probably the finest book I’ve ever read by a practioner of politics," Leach told Bradley as the show opened.

Leach then reminisced about Bradley’s record setting performance in the NCAA tournament. "It’s important for the public to know who you are," Leach said. "…I first met you as a three-time All-American basketball player…Forty-two years ago you scored 58 points in a Final Four basketball game. That record still stands."

You can find the program at .  Go to the VIDEO/AUDIO section on C-SPAN’s front page and click on "After Words:  Bill Bradley & James Leach (04/07/2007)."

Leach is writing a book and is also teaching at Princeton, his alma mater. It’s Bradley’s alma mater, too.