After spending several years in the press box Gene Chizik likes being on the field. The new Iowa State football coach directed his team through a scrimmage on Saturday as the Cyclones wrapped up spring drills. During his years as an assistant coach Chizik spent much of his time in the press box monitoring the action.

Chizek says it "was neat to be down there with the players" and to get into the swing of the game from a different perspective than he’s been used to. Chizik says he’s sure he’ll learn more each time he steps on the field and he was just excited to be a part of it.

Chizik says he has quickly learned that the role of head coach is much different. He says it’s a role he’s getting used to every day. Chizik says he’s found out he can’t bury himself in a film room all day as you have to be aware of all the other issues going on with the team.

Chizik says the Cyclones accomplished a great deal during spring but still have a lot of question marks. He says there’s a lot of inconsistency and that is something they’re trying to eliminate. Chizik says the effort was great, and the kids have a desire to learn. Chizik says they have time in the fall to keep working on where they want to be. Chizik’s debut as coach is August 30th against Kent State.