Hundreds of Iowa firefighters are back in school this weekend. They’re taking part in the 83rd Annual Summer Fire School in Ames.

Fire Service Training Bureau Chief Randy Novak says the students will learn about new techniques and technoloy. According to Novak, they’ll be learning from some of the best instructors in Iowa and around the country, "but they also learn from people selling and manufacturing equipment that they ultimately will be using in years to come."

The student body at Iowa State University’s Scheman Building includes both brand new and career firefighters. "We offer a wide range of courses," Novak says, "from very basic skills to what I would consider more advanced level."

In addition to the training, the weekend features an awards cermony to recognize some of the state’s top fire investigators and service personnel.

Iowa’s Summer Fire School is recognized as one of the largest and oldest such schools in the nation.