Former Iowa Congressman Jim Nussle is going to work for President Bush as the White House Budget Director. 

Nussle was a congressman representing parts of east and northeast Iowa for 16 years before leaving office this past January. Nussle lost his bid to be Iowa’s governor last November.

This past spring, Nussle opened a consulting firm and became an advisor to Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. Now, he’ll be the president’s key budget advisor.

Pete Jeffries, a key advisor on Nussle’s gubernatorial campaign, says Nussle’s experience as chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee makes him a good fit. "He understands the complexities of the federal budget and understands what it takes to put all the numbers together," Jeffries says.

Jeffries, who used to be a top aide to the Speaker of the U.S. House, says Nussle is going to a "great place" to continue using his "expertise."

Republicans held a majority of seats and controlled the debate agenda for all but two of the 16 years Nussle served in congress. Now, relations between the White House and Republicans in congress have been strained by immigration reform and Iraq.

Jeffries suggests Nussle will have his hands full for the remaining 18 months of Bush’s term in office. "With an election looming in November of ’08 people will start to look to…domestic priorities in addition to…our foreign obligations," Jeffries says. "Jim will be working with the president and his cabinet in setting forward that course…while at the same time needing to keep a keen eye in driving down the deficit."

Jeffries now works for AARP in Iowa.