Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack’s going to carry complaints the nation’s largest teachers union has about the "No Child Left Behind" Law directly to Congress. Vilsack has lined up a string of part-time work since leaving office. He’s a consultant for MidAmerican Energy, a part-time professor at Drake University Law School and he’s chalking up billable hours for a big international law firm based in Minneapolis.

Now, add lobbyist to congress to the list. Vilsack’s going to work for the National Education Association and lobby on the so-called "No Child Left Behind Act." Vilsack also spends a good deal of time on the campaign trail. While Vilsack dropped out of the presidential race this spring, he soon endorsed Hillary Clinton and has been making appearances around the country, and around Iowa, on her behalf.

Audio: Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson reports. :42 MP3