Independence Day was a day of flooding for many eastern Iowans after severe storms moved across that region, dumping heavy rain and pushing many waterways out of their banks. Kevin Baskins, spokesman for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says emergency actions had to be taken in several areas.

Baskins says: "Maquoketa Caves State Park is probably where we had the biggest impact. We had a little over six inches of rain Tuesday night." He says parts of the popular Jackson County park had to be closed off due to the fast-rising and very dangerous water.

Baskins says, "We do have a series of caves in that park that park visitors can explore. There’s a stream that runs through the main cave and that cave pretty much filled up due to a flash flood induced by the rainfall. Because of that, we’ve had to close off some of the cave as well as some of the trails that lead down to it."

He says about half of the trails will be closed at least through Sunday. Damage assessment and cleanup is underway. The campground and picnic areas are still open.