Iowa and 47 other states have reached a settlement with internet provider AOL over claims the company made it hard for customers to cancel service. A spokesman for Iowa Attorney General, Bob Brammer, says the settlement agreement seeks to address those problems.

Brammer says AOL is going to reform its retention policies, as he says the company has made it really hard for people to cancel service. Brammer says the company did a variety of things to keep customers from dropping the service.

Brammer says the company gave bonuses to employees for what they called “saving employees,” and that made it so hard for people to cancel that they couldn’t get out. The company has agreed to revamping their cancellation process.

Brammer says the company has agreed not to pay bonuses to their employees for keeping customers from canceling. In addition, the company is going to address complaints from customers and new complaints. Brammer says if you have had trouble with AOL, you should call the Attorney General’s Office and report the problem. The toll-free number is 888-777-4590. The local number is 515-281-5926.