Funnel clouds and tornadoes struck at least three west-central Iowa counties Tuesday evening. Twisters hit near Coon Rapids in Carroll County, leveling a barn, uprooting trees and power poles, then skipped across Greene County near Jefferson. Earlier, a funnel cloud was spotted between Denison and Vail, where Crawford County emergency management coordinator Greg Miller says they’re still tallying the damage.

Miller says winds likely hit 75 miles an hour and you couldn’t see across the street, due to the thick sheets of rain and hail being driven by the strong winds. He says the suspected tornado tore up several areas of Crawford County. Miller says they had at least 30 reports of power lines down, most due to falling limbs or trees. He says the Denison post office lost a vent off its roof that slammed through the windshield of a parked car down the street.

Miller says the corn plants are just laying flat in several cornfields, while there’s a good deal of structural damage scattered around, too. Miller says, “We had a lot of reports of damage from the winds and the trees. There’s a house that had a tree fall on the home itself and damaged the roof. I’ve noticed, driving around, a lot of branches and or trees laying on top of vehicles.” No injuries are reported in any of the three counties.