Four Iowa Democrats are returning money from a major party donor after news reports disclosed Norman Hsu was wanted for a felony fraud charge in California. Tom Harkin, Tom Vilsack, Chet Culver, and Dave Loebsack all received campaign contributions from Hsu and each is making a donation to a charity in the amount of their Hsu check. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is also donating thousands of dollars to charity based on the amount she received from Hsu.

"Everyone was obviously surprised to learn this news and my campaign has taken action in returning his contributions and I’m hopeful that he will be taking steps to address the matters that he faces," Clinton said during her Radio Iowa interview. Hsu also solicited donations from others for Clinton’s campaign.

"We’re looking at all of the questions raised," Clinton said. "Our campaign has a very vigorous vetting process and unfortunately no one knew there was this issue." In 1991, Hsu pleaded guilty to fraud, but didn’t show up for his sentencing and California authorities apparently assumed he returned to his native Hong Kong.