Professors at Iowa’s colleges and universities are offering classes this fall dealing with the Iowa Caucuses. At the University of Iowa, Political Science Professor David Redlawsk teaches a popular course for first year students called “The Iowa Caucuses and the Presidential Nomination Process.”

“Students know they’re in a unique environment, being almost inundated by the political campaigns,” Redlawsk says, “and they’re interested in learning more about it.” The course explains not only how the Iowa Caucuses work, but also their history.

Redlawsk says he talks about how Iowa landed the first in the nation caucuses and the implications that position has on the candidates. This is second time Redlawsk has offered the course. He did so for the first time four years ago. Redlawsk says, “I also offered a course during our three-week winter session that was open to any student, and that one ran right up until caucus day, so it was a very intense, very exciting class.”

Redlawsk says he may offer that course again this winter, depending on the actual date of the Iowa Caucuses. Another course at the University of Iowa is a month-long seminar called “Entertainment and American Political Culture.” Professor Bruce Gronbeck says it involves discussing how presidents are portrayed in popular films and TV shows, and how that influences voters’ expectations of real presidents.