From boogers to belches, a new exhibit at the Science Center of Iowa explores the many biological processes that go on daily in our bodies. Spokeswoman Sally Dix says "Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body" covers a wide host of topics about bodily functions, be they good, bad or downright ugly.

Dix says: "It is truly everything you always wanted to know but never wanted to talk about. We have a lot of kids that come in and they say: ‘Oh, my gosh, that’s so gross. That’s so cool!’ and a lot of parents are coming in and discovering things they never knew." She says kids can climb a simulated human skin wall with giant warts, hairs and wounds that act as hand and foot holds.

They’ll also learn about vomit and can crawl through a giant three-dimensional model of the digestive system. Dix says, "It’s pee and farts and burps and all kinds of different things and it’s just a great way for people to explore the science that we all do every day, we just may not call it science." She says there’s also the movie called "The Human Body" in the I-MAX theatre that supplements the exhibit.

Dix says the movie explores the fascinating science that happens under the skin every day, "almost a day in the life on the science side of what it’s like to be a human." For more information on the Des Moines facility, visit "".