Iowa Governor Chet Culver is staying out of the controversy over the proposed new coal-fired electric plant in Marshalltown. Culver,a Democrat, was asked if he supports the plan to build the plant by Iowa Power and Light at a news conference announcing the company’s plans for a new wind farm.

Culver replied,"We are letting the process work. We have a terrific process in place where the companies involved are required to go through and take the regulatory steps under the law. I’m glad that that is on track and is moving forward. It also allows for public comment."

The process before the Iowa Utilities Board has included a recommendation against the plant from the Consumer Advocate, and environmental groups, who says the plant would create too much pollution. Culver declined to say whether he supported the plant. He says there’s no direct link with the governor’s office, as he says the state agencies are involved and local agencies are involved in the process.

Culver says he will see what the regulatory process leads to in this case. Culver says he looks forward to learning a lot more as the process moves forward. The Iowa Utilities Board will hold public hearings on the plant in January.