The south-central Iowa city of Oskaloosa took the biggest hit in the latest snowstorms. Public works director David Neubert is leading the effort to dig out. Neubert says they had 14 inches of snow in the first storm, and as of six this morning, they had another 10 inches and it has been snowing since then, so they’ve probably had a foot of snow in this storm.

Neubert says they’re trying to get all the roadways open. He says they’re trying to get all the residential streets plowed once, and then will go back and start plowing a second time and then start moving some of the snow out of the downtown area. Neubert says they city owns some land where they take the snow to get it out of the way.

Neubert says they have room for about two more of these kind of snows at their snow dump. Once that dump is filled, then Neubert says they’ll start looking to other areas. Neubert says he’s been pleased so far with the cooperation of residents in the face of all this snow.

The city went into a snow emergency at eight o’clock last night, requiring all vehicles to be moved off the streets. "Citizens have done really well, and I know it’s been difficult, because there wasn’t a lot of places to put your vehicle, but we have no complaints as far as that goes," Neubert says. Neubert says they haven’t had to deal with multiple big storms like this in awhile.

"It’s been a long time. The guys were talking the other day that we’ve kind of been spoiled the last couple of yeas, because we haven’t had anything like this," Neubert says. Neubert will have his full crew out to get all the streets cleared, and then will send half of them home for awhile.