A northeast Iowa company has agreed to a settlement over an air pollution lawsuit brought by the Attorney General’s office. Bob Brammer, a spokesman for the Attorney General, says the state filed the lawsuit against the Garrett Corporation which operates Delta Sports in Reinbeck.

Brammer says the facility makes targets for hunters and law enforcement, and then paints the targets. He says the suit says the company had various air pollution violations when painting those targets in 2006 and 2007. Brammer says the company agreed to a settlement that has two main provisions.

Brammer says they will pay a 45-thousand dollar civil penalty for pollution control violations and will also agree to commit no future violations. A Grundy County District Court judge issued the settlement order today (Monday).

Brammer says the matter was referred to the A-G’s office from the Environmental Protection Commission after the company had been subject to administrative orders and enforcement actions. He says they felt a high civil penalty was needed in this case. Part of the allegations said the company built new paint booths without obtaining the required construction permits. Brammer says the company has since been inspected and found to be in compliance.