Two Missouri men face felony charges in an alleged driveway paving scam in central Iowa. The Polk County Sheriff’s Department says James Culp the second and Kevin Todd of Hannibal, Missouri approached a Des Moines homeowner and told him they had some asphalt left over from another job and could pave his driveway for $1,300.

The sheriff’s department says the work was not done as agreed upon, but the two men then demanded that the homeowner, Toby Redner pay them just over $9,000 dollars. Redner said he could not afford to pay that amount, but the two men told him he had to pay and drove him to the bank. The men went into the bank with Redner and he got them a cashier’s check for the money.

Sheriff’s department detectives were able to locate the two men and impound some of their equipment. They have been charged with second-degree theft and extortion. The sheriff’s department says the two men have been arrested in South Carolina for doing something similar.