The Department of Education says potential college students in Iowa did well on the S-A-T college entrance exam. Department director Judy Jeffrey says more students take the A-C-T college entrance exam, but the results on the S-A-T are still good.

Jeffrey says only three percent of Iowa students take the S-A-T test, but Iowans tend to have some of the highest scores in the nation on the test there has been an increased in the last 10 years in those that do take the test.

Iowans scored a 612 in math, compared to the national mean score of 494, 603 in critical writing, compared to the national mean of 502, and scored 582 in writing, compared to 494. Jeffrey says the S-A-T is used more by eastern schools and just 1,333 Iowa students took the S-A-T.

Jefferey says those students are probably just keeping all their options open by taking the test. The number of Iowa students who took the S-A-T did increase by one-point-nine percent this year. You can find the complete results of the tests on .