A student at Thomas Jefferson High School in Council Bluffs was taken into police custody Thursday after allegedly bringing a pellet gun to class. School district spokeswoman Diane Ostrowski says the 14-year-old freshman was carrying the pellet gun in his backpack.

Ostrowski says: "A student reported to two other students that he had a weapon and he intended to use it at the school. Immediately, the students reported it." She says the boy was temporarily suspended and officials are reviewing the case to determine if he will be allowed to return to school.

She says, "He did have in his possession an unloaded air pellet gun. It was in his backpack. He obviously was not able to use it without the pellets and was taken into custody by the police."

Ostrowski says the police response was appropriate. She says: "The threat was serious. The presence of a gun, toy or otherwise, is very serious, neither of which are tolerated in our schools." The child’s name has not been released.