Voters in Lyon County Iowa this week approved a referendum to allow gambling with a record number of voters turning. The campaign over the vote created some divisions in the county, and Lyon County Board of

Supervisors Chairman Randy Bosch says he wants to see both sides come together. He says he hopes people will put their differences aside and realize "the vote of the people has spoken" and they can move forward. Bosch says the county doesn’t have much of a role from this point.

Bosch says the supervisors have created a non-profit organization that will apply for a gambling license, but he says the supervisors don’t have a role in that step. There’s a plan out there for a 90-million dollar casino, which Bosch says could produce some much needed new taxes for the county.

He says they’ve seen projections of up to one and a half million dollars, which he says would help with unmet infrastructure needs. If developers could get a gambling license, the proposed casino would be about eight miles east of Sioux Falls.